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Tomoyo was born in Tochigi in Japan in 1979.
After passing the entrance to the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Tsukuba examination , she took courses in design and figurative art until 1998.
In 2003, she obtained a degree in art composition with a thesis on the kinetics applied to the testing of BAUHAUS .
The same year she exhibited at the local museum of Tsukuba and rojects a scenic kinetic installation for a piano concert at the municipal theater in Tochigi.
This work awakens in her an interest in the application of art to the scenography with a passion for kinetic art pushes her to move to Rome, where she obtained her master’s degree in scenography.
Tomoyo Haneishi worked with various laboratories scenography in Rome before dedicating himself to painting especially when it combines with the scenic illusion graphic projection space.
In 2011, on the occasion of the XXXVII Rassegna Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea (price Sulmona ) , she won the gold medal of the President of the Italian Republic.
Tomoyo lives and works between Italy and Japan.


A vision of transparency in a minimal geometric puzzle elements, a cut effect on reflectivity and impassive exterior changes background , these elements define the quality of the compositions Haneishi Tomoyo , Japanese artist educated in effective style of modernism the flavor of another time , and for that reason beautifully convincing in its very definition.

2003 Collective Municipal Museum of Tsukuba , Japan
    Scenic Project: Theatre communal Tochigi (Japan)
2006 Personal ” Forma Ripetizione Contrasto ” Doozo Galleria , Rome
     Personal ” e Regola Spontanietà ” Torretta Valadier di Ponte Milvio , Rome
2007 Collective ” Give per gives the ” Galleria Margutta 3 , Rome
     Personal : Fiera d’arte TOBU , Utsunomiya (Japan)
2008 Personal Galleria Yujitsu , Utsunomiya (Japan)
     Personal : Six Gallery, Mashiko (Japan)
     Collective ” Gifts from sculptures ” Yozgallery , Mishima (Japan)
     Collective ” Gifts from sculptures ” Museum Hakone , Hakone (Japan)
2009 Personal : Zen Galleria , Milan
      Collective ” Cosmo Grafie ” Villa Gualino , Turin
    Personal Galleria TOBU , Utsunomiya (Japan)
2010 Collective ” Pittura e Ceramica ” Heaven Gallery , Utsunomiya (Japan)
    Premio Artistico Maurizio Martolini 2010 prima edizione : Finarte Antichi Dipinti , Roma
2011 Collective ” TIO ILAR IV “: Athens ( Greece)
    XXXVIII Premio Sulmona , Gold Medal of the President of the Italian Republic
    Collective ” imbarco immediato ” aboard ” Gilda sul Tevere ” , Rome
2012 XXXIX Premio Sulmona
    Collective ” TIO ILAR V “: Athens ( Greece)
2013 XL Premio Sulmona
    Collective ” TIO ILAR VI ” Athens ( Greece)
    Paris,Atelier Z
2014 XLI Premio Sulmona ,”Targa d’argento”
    Collective ” TIO ILAR VI ” Athens ( Greece)
2015 Tokyo,Bunkamura Box Gallery “Female times”