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Hirotoshi ITOH

1958  Born in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture
1982  Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts

1987 Award – Atelier Nouveau Competition 1990 Tokyo Daily Art Competition 1992 Participated in an Exhibition in Italy 1995 Award Trick Art Competition 2006 Sole Exhibition”Ishi Warau” in Nagano    Sole Exhibition “Pleasures of Paradox” USA SOFA Chicago (’07, ’08) USA 2007 SOFA New York(also in ’08, ’09) USA    Japan Month in Houston (USA 2008 MIASA EXHIBIT (also in ’10, ’12) USA 2009 Sole Exhibition “Marble and Stone Sculpture” AU 2011 Sole Exhibition “Pleasures of Paradox ’11” USA




Public Collections

1996 The Birth Place for Popular Election (Matsumoto) 2001 Scene for the Dinner Table (Chihiro Museum, Azumino) 2005 A Chair of Chihiro (Joyama park, Matsumoto)