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Hiromasa ABE

1974 Born in Tokyo
1995 Graduated from an artistic school Toyo (Japan)
1998 Entered the art academy of Carrara (Italy)

1998  International sculpture competition of PEAN foundation prize
1999  Biennale of the academy of Carrara (Italy)
2000  Exhibition “4 sculptors” in Sarzana (Italy)
2000  Exhibition of PEANO foundation (Italy)
2000  Exhibition “3 sculptors” in Massa (Italy)
2000  International sculpture symposium in Budduso 3rd prize (Italy)
2000  International sculpture symposium in Teulada (Italy)
2001  1st Exhibition of the National art organization
     [STAGGIO STAGI] in Pietrasanta (Italy)
2002 Exhibition “2 sculptors” in MITSUKOSHI in Roma (Italy)
2003 Exhibition [ Italia in Giappone ] in Nagano (Japan)
2004 Personal exhibition in old cottage of Mediciin Seravezza (Italy)
2004  Exhibition in airport of Miyazaki (Japan)
2004  Personal exhibition in Gallery Okabe in Tokyo (Japan)
2004  Personal exhibition in Gallery I in Iwaki (Japan)
2004  Exhibition with Yayoi Kusama in Gallery Unigrabasin Tokyo (Japan)
2005  Personal exhibition in Metropolitan Hotel in Sendai(Japan)
2005  International sculpture symposium in Gifu (Japan)
2006  Exhibition “10 sculptors” in Gallery I in Iwaki (Japan)
2006  Exhibition in airport of Miyazaki (Japan)
2006-09 Satoyama Art Festival in Niigata (Japan)
2007  Personal exhibition in SakaimachiGarow in Kyoto (Japan)
2008  Exhibition in Mishima and Hakone Choukokunomori Museum (Japan)
2008  International Art Festival in Numata (Japan)
2009  Exhibition with a flower designer in Hotel NIKKO Tokyo (Japan)
2009  Exhibition of Japan artist association in Tokyo (Japan)
2009  Exhibition in airport of Miyazaki (Japan)
2009  Art Festival in the forest of Yokohama (Japan)
2009  Art Festival in Kururi (Japan)
2010  Exhibition in Kawagoe (Japan)
2010  Exhibition in Art Musium of Urawa (Japan)
2010  Exhibition in airport of Miyazaki (Japan)
2011   Exhibition in Hakodate (Japan)
2011   Exhibition in Tokyo (Japan)
2011  Exhibition in Ichihara (Japan)
2011 Art Festival in Gujo (Japan)
2011  Exhibition in [ Gallery I ] in Iwaki (Japan)
2011  Exhibition in [ Gallery Shimokita Art Spece] in Tokyo (Japan)
2011  Art Festival of Saitama Modern Art Museum in Saitama (Japan)
2012  Exhibition in Daikokuya in Itamuro (Japan)
2012  ”Art hare” Fukuoka Street Canvas Gold Prize (Japan)
2013  Exhibition in Shibuya Bunkamura Box Gallery
2014  Personal exhibition in Iriya Gallery in Tokyo (Japan)
      Exhibition in Bon Gallery in Seoul (Korea)
2015  Exhibition in Spiral Omotesando Tokyo (Japan)

Sardegna Island (Italy)
Compels penitentiary of Perugia (Italy)
Church San Francesco of Assisi (Italy)
Nakatugawa City in Gihu (Japan)
Agamachi in Niigata (Japan)
Monumental gravestones in Sendai (Japan)
Urayasu City in Chiba (Japan)
Koutouku Tatsumi in Tokyo (Japan)
Sainen Temple in Ohsaka City (japan)
Monumental gravestone in Tsuchiura City (Japan)
Hitachinaka City in Ibaraki (Japan)
Cappadicia (Turkey)