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1955  Born in Sendai JAPAN

1980 Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

1982 Completed the master’s course Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
    (Graduation work was purchased)

2015 KAN-HIKARI ART EXPO 2015 (Kyoto/Kamakura)
2014 KAN-HIKARI ART EXPO 2014 (Kyoto/Kamakura)
     Art Program Ome 2014 12th (Ome/Saitama)
2013  Point to Points – A Brisbane and Tokyo Exchange Art Exhibition (AUSTRALIA)
     KAN-HIKARI ART EXPO 2013 (Kyoto/Kamakura)
     Solo Exhibition (Art-Imagine Gallery:Tokyo)
2012  SPIRALE PLUS (Matsumoto City Museum of Art: Nagano)
2011  The 24th UBE Biennale Sculpture Competition (Ube/Yamaguchi)
    Solo Exhibition (Art Center of Kobe :Hyogo)
2010  The 11th KAJIMA Sculpture Competition (maquet)
    SPIRALE -Three-dimensional work(Yamawaki Gallery : Tokyo)
2009  The 1st Japanese Art Center Sculpture Competition (Jury Award)
     Solo Exhibition (Gallery Rei : Fujisawa/Kanagawa)
2008  Rooftop sculpture exhibition part.Ⅴ (Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C)
     Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C art-wall
2007  The 22nd Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture (Ube/Yamaguchi)
     Solo Exhibition(Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C Roof Gallery : Tokyo)
2006  art@tsuchizawa 2006 (Iwate/towa-chyo)
2005  Exhibited Work at Tennoz Central Tower Pocket-Park “SASAYAKI” (Tokyo)
2004  The 8th KAJIMA Sculpture Competition (maquet)
    Solo Exhibition(Tennoz Central Tower Art Hall : Tokyo)
2003  The 6th Kurashiki Machikado-no Sculpture Exhibition (Special Prize) (Okayama)
    Ohne-Park Sculpture Competition (Special Prize) (Kanagawa)
2002  The 1st Asago Art Village Exhibition (’05) (Hyogo)
2001  The 19th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture (Shimonoseki Museum Prize)
2000  Exhibited Work at Saitama-New-Urban-Center “Kimamana-Module”(Saitama)
1998  Exhibited Work at Saitama Mizuho Funeral Hall “DAICHI”(Saitama)
1997  Exhibited Work at Kiryu Silk-Hall “NEIRO”(Gunma)
     Exhibited Work at Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C “SOYOKAZE”(Tokyo)
1996  Exhibited Work at Karasuyama Technical High School “Inertia”(Tokyo)
1995  Exhibited Work at Nankai Hospital “SAZANAMI”(Ohita) 
1994  Exhibited Work at Kawaguchi Center-bldg. “Inertia”
1993  Expansion of Hammered Work (Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts)
1992  Exhibited Work at Fukui-shi Oyakata Park “ Locus in the sky ’92”(Fukui)
1991  Exhibited Work at Tsukubashi Teshirogi Primary School “ Locus of wind ’91”(Ibaraki)
1990  Exhibited Work at Hokutopia Astro-plaza “Inertia”(Tokyo)
    Exhibited Work at Atsugi Welfare Center “Locus in the sky ’90”(Kanagawa)
1989  Exhibited Work at Isehara Science Museum “Inertia”(Kanagawa)
     Exhibited Work at Adachi Sculpture Park “Locus in the sky ’89”(Tokyo)
1988  Japan High-Technology Art Exhibition (TAIWAN)
1987  Images Du Futer ’87 (Montreal/CANADA)
     Tanzawa Open Air Sculpture Exhibition ’87 (Kanagawa)
1986  Exhibited Work at Hamamatsu Science Museum “Locus of wind”(Shizuoka) 
     Kinetic Sculpture, Japan (Walker Hill Art Center/SEOUL)
     Tamagawa ”Nature.Human.Dialog” Exhibition(Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C : Tokyo)
1985  High Technology & Art ’85 (’86) (Tokyo)
     Exhibited Work at Hida Hotel Plaza“Wind of Hida”(Gifu)
1982  The 8th Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition (maquet) (Kobe)
     The 14th International Art Exhibition of Japan (Iwaki Museum Prize) (’86)
1981  The 16th Art Exhibition of Kanagawa (Merit Award) (’82, ’84)
     The 2nd Henry Moore Grand Prize Exhibition (Excellence Prize) (’83,’85 )
1980  The 1st Contemporary Fine Sculpture Exhibition of Biwako (maquet) (Shiga)